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11-Dec-2019 13:14

Compared against the likes of B&W, CURT and Reese, it does not have the longstanding reputation too.However, it is still a well-made hitch that will haul your fifth wheel trailer smoothly and will be very long lasting.

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The 16245 Q24 5th wheel hitch by Curt is a high performer and is rated for hauling fifth wheel trailers of up to 24,000 LBS.

From hauling large RVs to heavily loaded trailers, this type of hitch will improve maneuvering massively.

Below is a list of the best 5th wheel hitches that contain both fixed and sliding examples to fit a range of truck beds.

The difference is that a sliding 5th wheel hitch is able to move around on the bed and reduce the risk to the trailer hitting the cab, which would happen when backing up.

The weight capacity of most 5th wheel hitches range from 15,000 LBS and 30,000 LBS, which is much more than a weight distribution hitch will be able to handle.On the top of the hitch, you must also purchase rails, which adds to the total cost but it will be the ultimate hitch for your fifth wheel trailer.