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05-May-2020 01:11

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While most people might have the good sense to think it but not say it, I’ve had this said to me directly a number of times, as if I were being paid an amazing compliment. When you open with this statement, you’ve already clarified that we aren’t even people to you; just a notch on your bedpost. If you’re willing to date someone older, be mature enough to date them for themselves without invoking this ugly term.If you feel like you need to use it, maybe you’re not mature enough to be dating someone older than you.

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It’s not fun for us either, but if you’re going to be with a single parenting, expect there to be some interaction from the ex. My kids will always come first in the decisions that I make as far as their health and well-being and overall happiness. I had an ex say that he and my kids should come before me. If I’m in a relationship, I’m not going to put my wants, needs, and general self-care last because I have a partner, and I wouldn’t be with a partner who expected me to do so.If you’re up to your eye balls in debt that’s not for an education, it’s a red flag.We already have kids to take care of, and we don’t want a partner who we’re going to have to teach to balance a checkbook, create a budget, or wash a load of laundry.We’ve got busy lives and children to raise up to be healthy, happy adults, and we don’t have the time for our time to be wasted.

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If you know you couldn’t treat another person’s kids like your own, It’s easy.

If you lie to us, don’t expect us to keep you around.

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