Asp net dropdownlist selected value not updating

03-Aug-2020 16:09

How does the updated read the dropdownlist to know what is selected?

This link is the kind of issue i am having - but in and cant get it to work, i think from reading it, i need to set the value of the parameter to the selected value of the dropdownlist - not sure though.

NET and am trying to learn everything as quick as possible. I am creating a system to manage a set of "nodes" we use to track certain accounts.

asp net dropdownlist selected value not updating-2

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So I have to go with what works until I have time to learn more.

Every node is tied to a Sales Person in a different table via their identification number.

Since I already have the database populated with the data I want to use I won't need to do any inserting, only updating.

I have a database already populated with about 1000 "nodes", we use these nodes for account management. We populate these nodes with customer information and attach a Sales Rep to that node from a database populated with our reps. When a user clicks on a map, a Dag/Plot feature is selected which contains a Dag/Plot number.

To tie a customer to a node I have a gridview that will return me the top 5 nodes in the database that have null customer and dsr values. I want to know if it is possible to display the values, when the user selects the Dag/Plot number and clicks the "Dag Details" button from the Select to get the selected value to be selected in the Filter ?

Selected Value = "-1" End If End Function Again this may be way off, I really don't know enough yet to figure it out, I also don't really know when to call that function... Its frustrating sometimes learning something new, but I'm really enjoying .net, just gotta stick with it. Sorry, I am getting the null errors whenever I click to edit an item and the Drop Down List to be populated has a null value instead of a record in the database.

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