Assertivenes in dating

23-Oct-2020 07:05

" This shows the other person that their feelings are being considered, despite the negative nature of your discussion.Choose an appropriate setting for letting someone down gently.Letting someone down in a way that softens the blow can make a difficult explanation less stressful for both parties involved.In addition, remaining kind and respectful when turning someone down can reduce the impact of your words on their emotions.This approach is commonly used by individuals in the field of sales, because it balances the perceived negative content with positive content.When turning the person down, begin by letting them know that you respect them and they are giving, pleasant, fun, or something similar.

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If you feel that you are constantly being put-upon instead of getting your needs met, increasing your assertiveness is a wise choice.

If you aren't close with the individual you are letting down, consider meeting in a public place such as a restaurant or coffeehouse.

If you feel that you know the person well enough and prefer some privacy, meeting at a local park or your home may be more appropriate.

Being assertive doesn't have to mean being bossy or even pushy, but instead only requires that you make your desires known and avoid allowing yourself to act as a doormat. Some lack assertiveness because they aren't very confident in who they are as people.

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If you don't possess a great deal of self-confidence, work on building it, reminding yourself what a wonderful person you are and remembering your positive characteristics so you don't feel as if you don't deserve a voice. Some individuals who lack the ability to be assertive say yes to almost anything, leading themselves to do things they otherwise wouldn't have agreed to do.

You met a girl on an online dating site and she asked you for a date. Split the bill at the end if you're so concerned about her using you for money, or ask her for drinks instead of a meal.