Astronomical dating of mahabharata war Adults cams mexico

04-Sep-2020 21:43

Maharishi Valmiki narrated the story of Shri Ram’s life in the epic tale of ‘Ramayan.’ Most of us would be astonished to know that Sage Valmiki has made many sequential astronomical references relating to the events in the life of Ram which he has put together in Ramayan.It goes on to show the planetary positions vis-à-vis the zodiac constellations and other visible stars (Nakshatra) that prevailed during the times of Ramayan.However, since the last thirty or forty year’s scientists, archeologists, and historians have done much to uncover the mysteries surrounding the time period of Ramayan and Mahabharata.It is a question that still lingers on in the minds of a large number of Indians.It revealed the important dates coinciding with the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his return to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile.

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It is exactly the time and date when Ram Navami is celebrated all throughout India.

Mahabharata was written by Sage Vyasa in Sanskrit and contains thousands of slokas.