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21-May-2020 18:10

To test your application, you will need to test on a physical Black Berry smartphone tethered to your computer and debug files that match the Black Berry smartphone OS.

Download debug files for Mac-based development tools here.

After you have the Black Berry Plug-in for Eclipse installed you can add additional Black Berry SDK versions through the update site.

Each additional SDK version will allow you to develop against the respective Black Berry OS version within your existing Eclipse environment.

More For example, an application built in Black Berry JDE 6.0 runs on a Black Berry smartphones running Black Berry Device Software 6.0 and later.

It does not run on a Black Berry smartphones running Black Berry Device Software 5.0 and earlier.The Black Berry JDE provides a development environment for a particular Black Berry OS codeline.The Black Berry JDE includes a Black Berry simulator, a Black Berry MDS simulator, and profiling tools for building and testing Black Berry Java apps.When creating and building your application, it is important to choose the correct version of the Black Berry JDE to ensure that your application is compatible with your intended target market.

Applications built using the Black Berry JDE are forward-compatible with newer Black Berry Java OS versions, but they are not backward-compatible with older versions.Thus, when building applications, you should use a Black Berry JDE version that matches the lowest version of Black Berry Device Software you want to support.