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01-Apr-2020 18:11

She took off the strap-on and tossed it on the couch and said, "You just lost the privilege to taste your daughter's delicious cunt; a cunt so appetizing dykes beg to taste it every day; a cunt that the sweet, virgin Reverend daughter Chloe now worships every opportunity she has.

But you will have to earn it, by being a good girl, a good Mommy-slut." "Yes, Mistress," I replied, feeling guilty for disappointing her and disappointed to not be allowed to yet taste my daughter's pussy directly from the source. Still in orgasm mode, I crawled weakly and wobbly as she led me upstairs and into my bedroom.

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"I couldn't help it, I couldn't hold back any longer," I weakly defended, my body a pile of mush.

I replayed the night in my head and although shame lingered on the outskirts, the completion of my utter submission to my daughter is what kept me warm. A NEW BEGINNING I woke up the next morning and a flood of memories from last night returned. Nervously, I sat up and saw that my bed was empty, but there was a note on my pillow. If you agree to these 5 conditions (and many more that I will add as time goes on), I expect you to go into my room and on my bed I have left you a present.

I expect it to be inside you all day, turned on low, until I get home.

) I would like to pretend that I spent hours deliberating on the options before me, or that I just outright said no and returned to the traditional mother-daughter relationship that I had had for over 18 years, but that would be a lie.

She talked me in toe having affairs with black dudes.

She said their dick are bigger thicker and they even fuck longer harder and they really like white blonde married women with a hot wet and tight snatch so I fucked one and enjoyed it so I fucked 3at once up to 12 at once gangbang slut wife I became over night...

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