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These were composed of septaria mudstone boulders, coated with alternating layers of tiles and yet more septaria.Such was their permanence that today two long sections remain, up to a height of six metres along the north side through Castle Park and down the west side.Don’t leave without seeing the Fewnwick Treasure, a hoard of Roman jewellery found under a department store on Colchester High Street, or the panoramic view from the roof of the keep.A million people come to the surrounding Castle Park every year.I had heard so much about this garden, so when we arrived I was absolutely amazed by the quality and imagination of the planting.wonderful day out and great cake in the cafe Beth Chatto had a vision and attained it in these beautiful gardens.In the summertime there’s an even going on at Castle Park every weekend, and this might be concerts by major touring artists and tribute acts, the food and drink festival at the end of June, a Medieval festival and oyster fayre and a programme of outdoor movie screenings.

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My favourite professional gardener, Sally Mattin, introduced me to this way of creating a year long space in your garden that is...Had heard a lot about Beth Charo gardens,but did not live up to expectations.The gardens are nice but you can see much better for free My impression was of a money spinning enterprise with entrance fee of £16.90 For two with no concessions,and a...Camulodunum, as it was then known, was once the capital of Roman Britain and is the UK’s oldest town.

The place to dip into Camulodunum’s history is an extraordinary monument in its own right: Colchester Castle is a rare surviving keep started during the Norman Conquest in the 1160s.The lovely lady working in the studio was extremely helpful even though I was running backwards and forwards choosing what I wanted.