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, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi.The series was first published in Shueisha as a oneshot in 2007. Viz Media acquired the licensing rights for a North American release of the manga and anime adaptations.When one of the board members of the Nura Clan is attacked and killed, and Nurarihyon subsequently disappears without notice, the Nura Clan is thrown into chaos.Trying to keep them together, Rikuo encounters a rival faction from the Shikoku area who intend to take over the Nura Clan's territory.When Haguromo Gitsune resurfaces in Kyoto, Rikuo is determined to fight her and take revenge for his father's death - as well as rescue Yura, who has gone to aid the rest of the Keikain family in protecting Kyoto.However, as he is still too inexperienced and weak, his grandfather asks the head of the yōkai Tono Village to take in and train Rikuo.

However, the invitation turns out to have been a trap by the head of the Gyuki Clan.Nearly all of the onmyoji barriers around the city have been destroyed by Kyoto Yokai, and the Keikain House itself struggles to fight against Hagoromo Gitsune's forces.They ultimately join forces with Rikuo's Hyakki Yakō to replace the fallen barriers and stop Hagoromo Gitsune from giving birth to a new evil.The group was destroyed by Rihan and the Nura Clan 350 years ago.

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Now, the clan is encroaching on the Nura Clan's territory and working to revive Sanmoto's main body, which resides in hell.

Their leader, Tamazuki, is ruthless and willing to sacrifice his subordinates to further his own goals.

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