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02-May-2020 13:27

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Skylar Laine is up first and is going back to Brandon, Mississippi. The residents there seem super supportive, and I'm not even going to say anything snarky because I love her. She's singing Kellie Pickler's 'Didn't Know How Much I Loved You'. The actual performance is good - very Colton, if you know what I mean.He's quite talented and will do well as an artist, without a doubt, but I'm not blown away.We'll probably see her in the bottom again tomorrow. I like the song choice for her, so I have high hopes. The video montage before the performance highlights the fact that Hollie and Josh are apparently BFFs, which Jessica thinks is "weird". I don't know that song because Maroon 5 is lame, but the little snippets I hear of it during Phil's rehearsal sounds good.Randy actually loves it, proclaiming, "Elise is back! Jimmy once again urges him to push himself to be more popular than Colton. The vocal sounds great and I think this is one of her better vocal performances.I just think she's great, and frankly, she'll end up with a record deal regardless of how far she gets in the competition now. Jennifer agrees, saying that it was nearly pitch perfect, which is never easy in a song like that.Her vocals are powerful, her pitch is spot-on and she's just great to listen to. Randy thinks that she's "definitely back" and that it is the kind of music she should do as it's believable. She adds that Skylar was "beautiful" up there and that the performance was a perfect way to start the show.

We're also going back to the contestants' hometowns this week.

He also tries to get Joshua to get some girl's phone number - uh, hello? Anyway, Jennifer says that it was dynamic and showed the great qualities of a performer. I already couldn't stand Joshua, and this certainly didn't help. Her voice is nearly perfect - as close as it can get, anyway - and she's in total control. Randy loves the arrangements she did with the song and thinks that she set the bar really high and showed off the talent level she has.

Randy is speechless and calls it "unbelievable", appreciating his look, his vocals and the whole package. It's Joshua Ledet's 20th birthday and he's a little too overjoyed when he gets a video message from... No, not Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand, but Fantasia. He calls it "superb" and thinks it was at "the highest degree" of talent. Steven forgets where he is every time she sings - again, I don't think that's the performance.

Randy applauds him for giving a more subtle performance and never going over the top, which allowed him to show the "sensitivity" of the track.

"I love where your mind and your heart goes," he adds of watching Colton sing.Next up, Murfreesboro, Tennessee native Colton Dixon, who'll be singing 'Love The Way You Lie' by Eminem and Rihanna.

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