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61 8 Autumn in Antioch The crusaders conquer Antioch, and are then trapped by Turkish armies.

They find the miraculous Holy Lance, but are preempted from taking Jerusalem when it is conquered by the Fatimid Turks.

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31 Part 2: The First Crusade 37 5 The Crusade of the Poor Peter the Hermit leads the Crusade of the Poor, which perpetrates the first holocaust and engages in battles with Christians on the way to Constantinople, the seat of the Eastern emperor.

25 The Children’s Crusade: The Final March of Folly Despite the many misadventures and betrayals that took place during the Crusades, there was a devotion to God and to the Christian shrines of the Holy Land that prevailed, engendering the German and the French Children’s Crusades, which—though they ended in horror—nourished an idealistic sensibility that undermined the feudal structure.

vi 171 18 After the Fall: The Call for a Third Crusade A Third Crusade, to rescue the Holy Land from Saladin, collapses when its leader, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, drowns.

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207 209 217 227 235 Contents Part 7: The Collapse of the Crusades 241 26 The Fifth Crusade: Washout on the Nile A punishing Crusade tax, “Peter’s Pence,” is imposed on all European Christians, and the crusaders attempt to gain control of Egypt, but end up drowning in the Nile.