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25-Jan-2020 19:44

For those interested in the Cavalier line, I will continue posting those results on the "Cavalier Production Dates?

" thread The results of the brass study are posted on the Conn Loyalist site and horn-u-copia site.

Since posting the updated system,the brass sample has grown 20% and the results are still valid.

I continue to gather the brass as the next step is to determine the production of the different instrument types.

I have a thought on this, but would like some comments from interested or knowledgeable forum members.

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In the trades 1919 seems to also be the reference date for anniversaries.

To establish a dating system, the sax count is statistically sufficient, but the documentation to support the dating of key changes in the line is relatively scarce.

Here's where I am so far: 1) Saxes and woodwinds may have different serial number systems.

For other readers, here are pics of my Pan American alto which you identified as a 64M model from the 1930's, serial number 46676, with some close-ups of its interesting micro-tuner neck.

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albumid=884 I am assuming this one (5833) has the 1915 Hardy patent stamp and the T type as opposed to the Mercedes type key guard?The names include America First, Liberty, Common-Wealth, Soloiste, International, Continental, Continental Colonial and Continental Clarion (Cavalier line).