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05-Nov-2019 16:01

The best way to improve your credit score is to make on-time monthly payments, and student loan consolidation can assist in that.

Consolidation makes your student loans more manageable and easier to track by combining payments into one lower monthly bill.

You can’t consolidate private loans in the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program, but some private lenders allow you to consolidate federal and private loans together. Your rate is determined by the weighted average of the interest on the loans being consolidated rounded up to the nearest one-eighth of 1%.

The Direct Consolidation Loan program is the right choice if your goal is to simplify the process for repaying federal loans and keep your options open for the many repayment plans available for federal loans. If you’re using private lenders for student loan consolidation, there is a chance you could get a better interest rate and possibly lower monthly payments. That’s because federal loan rates are so low – fixed rates of 4.45% for undergraduates, 6% for graduates in 2017-2018 – that it’s difficult for private lenders to beat the rates and make a profit.

Before you consolidate, consider the following pros and cons: Note: Just remember, you must continue making payments after submitting your application until you receive notice from your servicer that underlying loans have been paid off.

You have the option to select the servicer of your choice (of which, Nelnet is an option) After your new Direct Consolidation Loan is complete, you may still add more eligible loans to your existing consolidation.

When you consolidate student loans through private lenders, you essentially are refinancing your loans.

Combining several student loans, whether federal or private, only makes sense if you are going to receive a lower interest rate and reduced monthly payment terms.

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Interest does accumulate on the loan while you’re looking for a new job, but no payments are expected. Though the minimum credit score to apply is 660, the typical So Fi customer has a credit score above 700.Ideally, you would qualify for debt consolidation after graduation.

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