Cosmo bad dating advice

31-Aug-2020 22:17

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I mean, check out these headlines that I pulled from Cosmo’s website: What Guys Secretly Think of Your Hair & Makeup: The truth revealed!20 Dresses He Will Love What He Thinks When He Walks Through Your Door 7 Facebook Habits that Guys Hate 78 Ways to Turn Him On The Secret to Getting Any Guy How to be a Total Man Magnet Sexy Summer Hair Ideas Meet a New Guy by Summer!This girl I was messing around with said she wanted to do something special for my birthday. She told me she read the technique in the latest Cosmo. I took the blindfold off to see it was a grapefruit slice.After spending a year at an exotic-animal training school, watching students in action, she successfully applied the techniques to her husband.In less than a few months, she was able to curb some of his undesirable traits. That’s why Cosmo uncovered time-tested methods used by the most successful animal trainers on the planet.After all, positioning your every decision to impress a guy is a surefire way to lose yourself. "You can’t change a man" is one of the oldest cliches in the book.

"Males are card-carrying members of the animal kingdom, and they exhibit a lot of the same behaviors as many other mammals," says Amy Sutherland, author of "So they’re likely to respond to some of the same training techniques." Sutherland is speaking from experience.

Too bad they often pick the worst times to bring out that brat--like when you’re running late for work or need them to do some errands for you.