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He asked if any of the singles from that group still come here.” I texted Debbie, “Thanks, Deb, you have always been so thoughtful and considerate of customers, always helping them. ” Always being the diplomat, Debbie responded, “He is older—guessing late 70s, maybe 80. He took his girlfriend of 13 years to a community center Valentine’s Day party, but something happened; she is no longer his girlfriend.” Thinking that Ray must be very sad or might not be able to cope with being alone—after all, it was just five days since the alleged breakup—I phoned him and left a message. 22, leaving this message: “The reason I called you: I was a single.

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They were among my favorite and most loyal employees. She wrote: “A man by the name of Ray asked about the age 50-plus singles group that you and Greta hosted here at the deli before you retired.

Unfortunately, neither of her marriage could gift her partner that she was dreaming of.