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23-Oct-2020 14:58

Just like all other cusp people, the Libra/Scorpio is of two elements-Air and water.

The theatrical side of libra, combined with the serious, deep feeling,and critical side of Scorpio.

Her belief is that through the use of astrology itself you can gain an inner view of the issues that are complicating your life, and find the answers to fix them.

The Libra-Scorpio cusp natives might give the impression that they’re made of one side searching for balance and equilibrium while the other is a venomous and action-oriented individual who acts on instincts.

People born on or between October 19 and October 24 belong to the Scorpio Libra Cusp, also known as the Cusp of Drama or Criticism.

They are known to be honest and upfront critique and they seldom hide their opinion.

She currently has 10 years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology.

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Besides being innate critiques, they are good at communication and enjoy social functions to the hilt.These natives are magnetic and extremely electrifying, a certain type of energy that pushes people to be enchanted and hypnotized by their presence.