Dating a smith and wesson revolver

05-Nov-2019 08:37

What web site has a list of Smith & Wesson serial numbers and date of manufacture? I can find data on Colts and Winchesters, but have found nothing for Smith & Wesson.

Thank you Smith & Wesson date of manufacture by serial number? My M&P40's label is marked MPF9xxx, 7059 which is .

see if i can find out how to date one of these I would start with a small token of my affection...

I may have to finally get around to buying that smith book that gives the dates.

Smith & Wesson Gun History History of Smith & Wesson.

Smith and Wesson Sigma SW40VE Pistol Review Smith and Wesson model SW40VE.

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If I remember right there's like a 3-4 month wait for the letter, as there's only one guy doing the research. I don't believe there is a date code chart on line anywhere.

I purchased my SWMP40 in April, on the case it came in the "born-on" date actually appears on the box label next to the serial number in the form yjjj where y is a single digit representation of the year, e.g. As far as I know, there's nothing on-line that can help you.