Dating an awkward guy

17-Mar-2020 06:43

So save some funny stories and interesting thoughts for the actual date is out of the question.

Getting a little drunk on a date can be a pretty fun thing, so long as you're BOTH getting drunk (reasonably speaking, of course).

Awkwardness is a feeling that may occur at any moment during a conversation or date with a guy.

There are many helpful signs that will show you if the dreaded feeling may be approaching.

I just think there are plenty of ways for you to make it awkward and more enjoyable, so here are some of my best tips: Small talk is always boring, and honestly, I think it's pretty unnecessary.

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But the trick to keeping small talk from being a mind-numbingly boring, awkward conversation from hell is actually investing your energy in it. And for every drink you have with him, you'll be in a few drinks even deeper because you pregamed it. Maybe it's that guy who sits across from you at work.

If you still choose to go down the small talk route, that's fine!