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Carbonation also helped prevent spoilage allowing for the shipment of the product to more distant places, even prior to refrigeration and pasteurization (Wilson 1981). Mineral water in bottles goes back before that as it is known that bottled waters were being produced in - and likely imported from - Europe possibly as early as the late 17th century and surely by the end of American Revolutionary War.

There are also indications that mineral water was being bottled during the late 18th century in the Boston area.

Square, rectangular, or other highly angular body shapes are unknown with some notable exceptions.

Soda water was frequently bottled in heavy glass 8 to 10 sided bottles (and rarely 6 or 12 sides).

As with beer and ale, different soft drinks and mineral water were bottled in non-glass containers.

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However, mineral water was also a generic term applied to various natural and artificially carbonated, (usually) non-artificially flavored waters including many utilized for their perceived medicinal qualities.

Other carbonated and sometimes flavored waters were touted during the early 19th century as being helpful in cases of "putrid fevers, scurvy, dysentery and bilious vomitings" (Paul & Parmalee 1973).