Dating buck 110 knives

22-Jul-2020 21:04

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As far as the other I have never had one but they are just a brand name now. My Buck broke the blade when I tried to slice some balsa wood and dropped it on a carpeted floor.

I'd rather have a Schrade with a nicked blade, a broken point, a dull as crap edge, a loose pivot pin and missing one grip panel than a brand new Buck.

I did not want to take my time, since Charlie was showing hot interest in our position.

I used the point of the big blade on my Buck Stockman to pry down the collar that holds the forearm pieces in place. (The adrenalin was flowing and I pried too hard.) A few weeks later, when I returned to the real world, I took my Stockman to a store that sells Bucks.

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Skinned about 50 deer, and elk and a couple of cows and unknown amount of small game including rabbits, groundhogs, birds of all sort and more than a few rattlesnakes. I once used my Schrade to whittle a point onto a tire iron and killed a bear with it and it was STLL shaving sharp!

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(Note: this opinion applies ONLY to American made Schrade knives! The Schrade had a a tighter fit and finish than the Buck which seemed rough by comparison, with no gaps between the bolsters and the wood scales there was absolutely zero play when you locked it open, side to side or up and down.

The rivets on the Buck were raised while the Schrade were finished flush with the scales.I bought the one I have 30 years ago in 1985 right in the factory store. I also bought a rigger's knife for my sailboat that had a built in marlinspike. The US made knives from that time had blades made of 440C steel.

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