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Debbie Elizondo happens to be a special education teacher herself, and she came up with her own solution to her daughter’s teenage trials.“Emma’s House” bills itself as “a special place for special people,” and it’s a colorful, comfortable space housed in a commercial-building suite in South Irving where teens with special needs can get together, socialize, relax and participate in activities such as photography, cooking and dance classes with the supervision of trained volunteers.

Elizondo came up with the idea when her 14-year-old daughter aged out of the afterschool child-care programs available for younger kids.

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Parents of tweens and teens know just how much drama can erupt during the tumultuous teen years, and with the added ingredient of special needs, the potential for trouble escalates.

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“In a sense, you get excited because they are dating and doing a normal teenage thing,” says Debbie Elizondo, her mother.“And yet it’s scary, because they have those same hormones, those same instincts as a normal teenager, but they aren’t like every teenager.” Emma has already broken up with a boy in her special education class in Irving ISD, and he didn’t handle it so well at first.

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