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02-Apr-2020 19:28

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These 6 signs were established in the so-called Sumerian period – dating at around 3200 to 2000 BC, while the Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn and the Aquarius have become known by their names around 300 to 150 years later.The Greek word for the zodiac is a circle of animals.Digging into your deepest secrets: the Zodiac knows you better than you know yourself.Aries March 21st – April 19th Being the first sign of the Zodiac system, the Aries always mark the beginning – and this beginning is always full of enthusiasm and energy.What’s known is that each animal name related to the “modern” signs of the astrological system relates to some animal from their own mythology – which has both negative and positive aspects (similar to the people born in any zodiac sign, respectively).

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This science which at around 2000 back from today was equal with astronomy, helped the Babylonian people to forecast the seasons and other events such as the celestial ones.

The horoscope is known as a map of the circle of the Zodiac with the Earth placed at the very center.