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24-Sep-2020 01:50

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These people steal others’ personal information like passports, bank account information, pictures and Facebook accounts.

Then they create posts in several housing groups (in different cities) with the same caption.

The trick that they use here is asking tenants to contact them via email so that they can flexibly change or delete the Facebook account and no ones can track them.

Moreover, they ask tenants to transfer money through Western Union which is very low in security and safety.

That said, few of them seem willing to travel anywhere at their own expense.

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They talked about Russia, literature, hockey (Mark’s favorite sport), and travel. She often mentioned how she wanted to go somewhere, but never had an opportunity—it was very expensive for Russians, she said. She explains that girl scammers get a slice of the profits. Although they didn’t take me on, I learned about how they work,” says a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous).Because there are many of you and only one of her, “she” has no time to fact-check messages.- She’s always breaking things, someone is always falling ill or dying. If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.Last time Flattrust talked about “How to find a room in Maastricht?From what we observe, there are 2 kinds of scams: Direct contact and via websites.

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Direct contact scams are similar to the case above where there is a person scamming by asking you to send him/her the deposit to receive the keys.Although Flattrust has mentioned this issue in our Facebook posts before, we find it necessary to write a clear and fully informative article about this, so that you can protect yourself from these situations.