Dating someone richer than you

15-Mar-2020 16:17

I spoke to one of Conor’s ex’s about how it had been to date him.

“If he wanted to fly to New York next week or buy a car on a whim he could,” she says.

It was really fun.” Izzy, a medical student living in London, tells me about dating a woman who earned loads of money from solar energy.

“I couldn’t afford to buy anything, not even a cocktail before dinner.

Trying to brush over financial differences and not discussing what you can actually afford often gets people into trouble, as Anna, 24, explains: “Even though from his perspective he probably didn’t think I paid for a lot, I felt I was really stretching myself.

Uncomfortably so.” Greater spending power can also mean one person has a greater influence over what you do together than the other.

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Falling in love across a financial divide is the stuff of fairy-tales. Cinderella was ‘rescued’ from a zero-hours cleaning contract by her prince.

What is it like to date someone much richer than you?

“I went along with the sports cars, martinis and oysters for a few months.

Part of dating is aligning on values, on ambitions and on lifestyle.

We enter relationships with assets, debt, worries and dreams and are expected to align happily and become a singular four-legged economy.

She has just moved in with her boyfriend of a year. That can put a strain on things.” I found many people echo Kate’s position – they are happy to share what they have, but resent the pressure to be the provider.