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To record your name: Your alternate greeting lets callers know that they have reached the correct mailbox and hear a brief message from you.Often, this message specifies when you will return and provides contact information for the person or people who can help callers during your absence.I will explain how easy it is for you and any anybody else to listen to your messages.On receiving a voicemail the mobile phone operator will send a text message informing us that a voice mail message has been received, the message usually contains the telephone number of the voice mail retrieval system and will give you the option to automatically dial that number.

from a phone other than the mobile phone that the message was left on. You may check with your mobile phone dealer or refer to the user manual of your mobile phone. Note: Certain mobile phones offer one-button access to Voicemail.The default password is 1234 From your mobile phone Step 1 Call 65 9680 1381 Step 2 Enter your mobile phone number Step 3 Enter your password (mandatory).

Default password is 1234 Press 1 to listen to your messages Press 4 to replay a message after listening Press 5 to access message information Press 7 to erase a message Press 88 (i.e.

The allegations In the news as of 9th July 2009 is an allegation that the News of the World hired private investigators to hack or tap into thousands of mobile phones belonging to politicians and celebrities. What I find frustrating about this story is the apparent lack of understanding of the difference between hacking and tapping by both the media the police and politicians.