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BACKGROUND SNAPSHOT: Starting out in his high school's jazz band, Dave Koz fell in love with the saxophone early on, deciding to pursue music full time after graduating from college.He landed on tour with Bobby Caldwell not long after and served as a studio musician in the '80s before launching his breakout solo career. Dave, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliott, and the keyboard player were my favorites. They performed together for approx 75% of the show, and each did a solo of their own with the back up band (which itself was phenomenal). Probably the best Concert I have ever been to and I am 66. All the performers on the summer horn tour are consummate professionals and while they are all national recording artists in their own right, they meshed together beautifully. Because I really liked the concert I will take some time to do this. Great Show , Great Sound and Lights, staff excellent .I opted to do it, and they couldn’t have been nicer, and the scene ended up on the cutting room floor! I know the sax really well, but there’s always more to know, and if you’re intrigued by it, it’s like an onion: you can keep peeling it and finding new layers.Since picking up the sax, have you considered playing other instruments, too? It’s an interesting instrument to play and a powerful instrument, so I haven’t felt the need to bring new instruments into the fold. I have so much respect for her, what she does and how she does it.

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Born and raised in LA’s San Fernando Valley, Koz first tried his hand at the piano and drums as a child.

By 13 he fell in love with the saxophone, and released a first solo album in 1990.

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