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The mission of the Dharma Treasure community is to offer Buddhist teachings, clear and systematic meditation instruction, and retreat opportunities for all people pursuing spiritual development and awakening.We offer online and in-person meditation and Dharma teachings, aimed at spiritual awakening, rooted in the teachings of the Buddha.A relationship can be very good in this world because it can help us maintain financial stability, and also two Dharma practitioners can accomplish a lot together if they are both motivated to practice Dharma.They can support each other in retreats for example, either financially or through cooking/taking care of the other while they are in retreat (basically taking turns sponsoring each other). And most women don't care about your abs or other physical measurements down below. This is a male obsession, women don't care at all.... I wrote this in caps and bold as this is the most important thing you will ever learn about women. So when you describe yourself: say what you want in a relationship, do you want to be friends with things in common?Most people don't know how to say good things about themselves or promote their positive qualities. Also a sad note about the folk I know who dated a lot online, most of them are guys I knew in Chicago and dated online for an "easy lay." I didn't know any women who would admit to that and it's really dangerous for us women, we are more vulnerable to rape and violence. Gain some confidence in yourself and keep focus on ways you can improve your game. Generally when people think they need to say something like "Im not a weirdo" its because they actually are a little socially awkward, or have been in the past, and while they may be trying to get past it, mentioning that you are not a weirdo just makes people think that secretly you are a weirdo. Do you tell them you have some high attainment you dont have? Yet you only would really be lying to yourself in that case, but I doubt you do this so I doubt 4 is very relevant either. These are also things that get women interested in men, especially the social status stuff.

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Are you suggesting that I do sadhana on or inclusive or exclusive to her? So, I do try to take care of myself on multiple levels..just physically. Also, appearance is beneficial to non-practitioners but should be of lesser importance to practitioners because they should know about impermanence and a host of other things revolving around dharma! Thank you everyone, May you ALL attain the ultimate liberation! for you to say such things implies that you know that how you act or how you live your life is seen as "somewhat weird or fanatical" instead own whoever you are and treat everything you do as if it is the most normal thing,............ Being normal is not good in the west in my opinion, better to be a weirdo and just accept that fact than try to fit into a society that is clearly unhealthy in almost every conceivable way. Will they distract you from Dharma, denigrate or disrespect it?

How would I go about actually buying those texts that Vajranatha mentions? I'm a disabled vet who has a screwed up spine and can't have a gleaming 6 pack of abs! Many western women demand a lot of time, attention, money and praise.

For me personally these things are not in line with my practice so I refrain from dating because spending lots of money to impress a girl is not really on my list of things to do.

Be a good person and do things you like, you will run into your lady if it's in your cards. As for a dating website or Facebook, simply listing yourself as a "Buddhist" without any additional qualifications should suffice.

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When you hang out with people you can see how people are in all sorts of situations before you get involved. The reason why I think that people would think I'm a bigot or liar is that on online things, people who are very spiritual can be viewed as "He thinks he's got the way or is above it all" or "He's too good to be true, he's lying, he's got something to hide." I'm serious, ANYTHING can be thought by people...period. But if you wear it in order to show the world you are a Buddhist, thats only attachment and is contrary to ones purpose in practicing Dharma.finally do not ever listen to a male give you advice to snare a women. If you want a genuine long-lasting relationship with a loving partner, share your feelings, hope, desires. gassho Rory Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu Chih-I: The Tai-ching states "the women in the realms of Mara, Sakra and Brahma all neither abandoned ( their old) bodies nor received (new) bodies.