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04-Oct-2020 04:57

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I would use a pre-staged package and export it as a and then copy it over using DFS or Robocopy. If you are trying to send multiple packages simeltaneously and you have slow links, that can cause transfers to fail. After looking at my post, I realized what a pathetic whiner I sounded like and didn't expect to hear anything from anyone. : Expand Operating Systems, click Task Sequences, and then select the task sequence that you want to distribute.On the Home tab, in the Properties group, click Properties.In the Administration workspace, click Distribution Point Groups, and then select the distribution point group in which you want to redistribute content.Click the Deployment Types tab, and then select the deployment type that you want to update.

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Typically, you will copy the pre-staged content file to a portable drive, such as a USB drive, or burn the content to media, such as a DVD, and send it to the location of the distribution point that needs the content.For example, type Extract Content /P: D:\Pre-staged Files\My Pre-staged /S where D:\Pre-staged Files\ is the Pre-staged File Location, My Pre-staged is the pre-staged file name, and /S informs Configuration Manager to import only content files that are newer than what is currently on the distribution point.

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