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Why has everyone selectively forgotten that Live Through This was voted best album of 1994 by virtually every major music publication - Rolling Stone, SPIN, Village Voice, New York Times, LA Times, etc? Larry Flynt (as a drug ho, yeah yeah) won well-earned New York Film Critics award and Golden Globe nom?

In interviews up till a few years ago, she came across as - unstable and attention-grabbing, sure - but also highly intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable about literature and rock history, and very funny.

I guess he thought he could change her and make her into a different kind of person. And he probably thought he was making some "street cred" for himself by associating with her.

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He has never, NEVER acknowledged that they were anything more than "close friends." She, on the other hand, has never ceased yammering about their "relationship."She's claimed that they were "engaged" but that SHE dumped HIM, which she says she regrets.Crowe was majorly pissed off and ready to file legal action against her. She manipulates her appearance through dieting, to keep her stoner street cred to sell records.She backed off and said it was all a mistake, she was just joking. She's an extremely charming, clever, manipulative sociopath who goes after what she wants and gets it. She is most definitely a drug addict and still is to this day.She's an extremely charming, clever, manipulative sociopath who goes after what she wants and gets it. She's a succubus, and has had lesbian tendencies, but is really just a plain old fashioned whore. She's slept with her female fans and she has used everyone around her.

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It's made her a very wealthy woman."What drugs are YOU on, retard? She od'd in front of her CHILD, and later said that she made the situation "fun." She's a fucking drug addict, you clueless asshole. Love has not been able to create any decent music in the last few years. Meant to add that she'd never be in a relationship with any woman, she uses them for sex, which is fine, but she really is hetero, and in love with cock. She's got a diseased pussy."What in the world would Edward Norton see in Courtney Love?He said "she said she's getting married." The director said "Really? " Her father said "Edward Norton."In the memoir "Her Mother's Daughter" Courtney's mother mentions Edward Norton.