Eharmony dating quiz

19-May-2020 05:44

Once you get that result, your account is locked unless you contact us.If you would email us at [email protected] the email address associated with that account, I'd be happy to investigate and see if I can unlock that for you.Paying ~0 for a 6-month subscription to not be getting any matches consistently after only one week is absurd.

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I'm sorry, but 60 miles is an extremely far distance to possibly drive ONE WAY just to go on a date with someone. I understand that maybe SOME people would be willing to do that, but for that to be the recommendation as to why I'm getting ZERO matches sent to me is ridiculous. Again, with my settings of 24-32 I'm already being sent 22-34 year olds, so expanding my base range would show me 20-36 year olds.I took the quiz honestly, so what would be the point of taking it again and putting fake answers just to MAYBE get more matches?

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