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Wonder Girl escapes and, as Drusilla, exposes Peter as a Nazi spy.Learning Diana has returned home, Wonder Girl also returns home to Paradise Island whereupon the two princesses engineer the capture of all of the invading Germans; the Amazons' memory-wiping technology deletes the sailors' knowledge of the island's existence before they are set adrift.

Having discovered the Baroness' hideout, Wonder Woman is surprised by the Baroness.

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl then return to America to prevent the theft of the jet. Erica Belgard (Gretchen Corbett), an animal behaviour specialist and Nazi agent, abducts a super-strong gorilla named Gargantua from his jungle home in order to recapture a defecting Nazi agent (John Hillerman) who is in American custody.

Erica decides to use the gorilla's strength to defeat and capture Wonder Woman. Note: Wonder Woman's similarly-named adversary, Giganta, was originally a super-evolved gorilla, in Wonder Woman #9 (Summer, 1944).

Steve is being framed for several incidents of sabotage.

He suspects Baroness Paula von Gunther (Christine Belford) an imprisoned Nazi spy.

Steve launches a mission to rescue her but is captured himself shortly after Wonder Woman orchestrates her own escape.

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