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03-Jul-2020 07:22

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Those who want to date me have overcome the cultural brainwashing that says that “fat is bad” and I think that’s a big deal because I don’t want to date someone who will just follow the status quo.

It means that I won’t date someone who treats women like a prize, these idiots who say that they “deserve” a hot girl (where “hot” means fitting the cultural stereotype of beauty).

A group who made being fat the first thing that they talked about on their profile, a group who made it part of the profile but not the first thing, and a third group who avoided telling people that they were fat until it became unavoidable.

In discussions that we had, the women in group three believed that their only chance was to get someone to fall in love with their personality enough to overlook their bodies.

But the culture doesn’t just affect potential dating partners, it affects us as well.

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(And I worry that if they succeed they are setting themselves up for heartbreak in five years when they’ve gained the weight back).The dating site that must not be named would like you to believe that having a fat wife is a good reason to break your marriage vows.