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17-Aug-2020 16:56

Share with us a fun experience you’ve had recently.7. Describe the best museum/gig/play/game you’ve ever been to.12. If you were mayor for the day, what three things would you change about your city? Describe the most terrifying situation you’ve ever been in.24. What’s the most anti-establishment thing you’ve ever done? What would you do in life if you knew you couldn’t fail? If you saw someone getting mugged in the street, what would you do? Describe one experience you’ve had where you took a huge leap of faith.29. Share one thing you didn’t understand about the world when you were a kid.39. Share a personal fact no one would ever guess about you.It could be work-related, which helps you understand a team member’s interests and where they need help, but keep it more open-ended. As the meeting settles, get people focused by asking what their favorite year is and why. You can have some fun figuring out what the questions are. You might not be a comedian, but it’s harder than you think not to laugh.Not only is this interesting, but it provides an avenue for people to know each other in a more intimate way. Tell everyone in a very serious tone that you will not tolerate any smiling. Chances are that within five minutes everyone will be laughing their faces off.Also, make sure everyone gets to take turns with the question-asking. What’s the most recent movie/book that you’ve seen/read?

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“This cocktail (pizza, latte, etc.) reminds me of Portugal.

This is helpful, especially, if you’ve lost touch with people, are new to each other or are tired of asking the same ol’ stuff.

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