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05-Nov-2019 00:57

By the end of your meal you’ll wonder whether you’re in So Ho or the Basque Region. Playing host to some impressive contemporary photographers, we highly recommend taking your date along to SOHO PHOTO GALLERY.

Whether it’s hanging with your forever partner or that new dreamboat you met on Tinder last week, New York City is a winter wonderland filled with endless romantic options.

So why is it that all too often, we fall back on the less-than-novel dinner-and-drinks date?

Sure, we New Yorkers have some of the best culinary experiences at our fingertips, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't shake up our date-night plans every now and again.

Because there’s nothing like a night of nostalgic hits to get your heart racing.

Prepare for a shucking good time as you hang out with your favorite person, learn everything there is to know about oysters, and eat tons of them along the way. Dining in the city doesn’t get much more intimate than this experience, where you and your date will be required to wear a blindfold while eating.

You can even try the infrared sauna together afterward.

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Play it safe with praline or jump headfirst into the wealth of unique and diverse offerings Vosges has to offer such as their curry infused Naga. In a city fuelled by the coffee bean, sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.

See a Concert at Carnegie Hall: Dinner and drinks are nice when you're on your second or third date, but a concert at Carnegie Hall is unexpected and something you frankly probably never do as a New Yorker. Explore a New Neighborhood: Trying something new is one of the best ways to form a deeper connection with someone, so pick a neighborhood you've never been to, and go for an adventure. Get Your Game On at Royal Palms: Skip the local sports bar's beer pool table and try playing shuffleboard instead.