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22-Apr-2020 02:07

This was the first guy I would be dating that I would have to “reveal” my secret to. I decided to wait and didn’t mention it while we talked or during our first date, which despite us both being awkward, went pretty well!Texting a few days later, Stephen gave me an opening and with my heart pounding in my ears (I really liked him!I responded, “Well, since I’m the one wearing them and I’m OK with them, I don’t see why the hell you wouldn’t be! We ended up being friends for a while, but honestly – he was a selfish person. The one I dated too soon after my divorce and who loved my bedhead? We kept in touch for those 6 years we were apart, each dating other people, but never really letting go I suppose.When someone shows you who they are – believe them. I moved back and after almost a year of not talking (we got in a fight about something stupid, as most fights are) I reached out to him.Because while we all have different experiences, maybe my story can help someone.

Long story short, that is how I found Heather and Cysterwigs – as so many others have.I thought about it for a week and decided he was right. We broke up months later for other reasons, but really – that was the beginning of the end. I had different wigs on in my online profile pictures, but what women doesn’t change her hair? Night Shyamalan movie – all the clues were there from the beginning.He was spending the night at my place and I told him I was going to sleep without my hair for the first time, that I would come out of the bathroom and let him see. I took my wig off and left it on the counter and came out. I revealed to one guy I had dated (my new rule was to wait until the third date) that I wore wigs. He then brought it up at our next date, saying “I said I was OK with you wearing wigs, but now I’m not so sure.” It made me mad.I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I had walked around half bald for so long, here was the first person who had never known me like that and I didn’t want to lose him.

So I had a cheap “sleeping” wig that I wore on nights spent over. About a year and a half into the relationship we had a discussion – he thought I should show him my head (I had started shaving my hair off at this point) because it would be better to do it on purpose than full of shame and when I am sick or some other necessity. He turned away from me and feel asleep with his back to me. I quietly slipped out of bed and put my wig back on, never revealing my bald head to him again.

I found a resource and more importantly a truly relatable, straight-forward woman close to my age wearing wigs!