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26-Oct-2019 15:52

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I was about to study in the US together with other three Chinese students from Beijing, and both the positive and negative sayings about the country and its people just made me so curious but meanwhile anxious about the unknown life that was approaching me. For example, in a party with my western friends, my Chinese friends usually stayed quiet and finally became very good listeners. OMG, I felt so nervous that everybody was so active, and I just looked at all you guys talking but had absolutely no idea about what to talk about!? Your western friends are very nice, but I still feel there is a distance between us.? The westerners also got very curious about why my Chinese friends weren?My questions were simple: Will I face the same problems in getting well with locals or other foreign people? t talking with them or later on even totally stopped showing up. s cold outside and then they might start to penetrate in knowing names or other further information.Will you have the survival skills to master our quiz? You see or hear something in Chinese and need to know what it means ASAP.But the reasons that I may come up with are firstly, Chinese are really kind hearted but sometimes very conservative in mingling with foreigners.

First, using a Chinese translator is a quick, easy way to look up unfamiliar words.

They seemed to have a natural fear of bars and were scared of going there, because in Chinese culture, there is no tradition or custom of going to bars or staying up night at parties. Secondly, the communication among Chinese people is mostly very euphemistic, for example, the discussion about how to pay for a meal can go like this: ? And for westerners, Chinese are reacting way too slow and sometimes a bit weird, because they don?

And in the eyes of many Chinese, drinking at bars and dancing with a lot of unknown people in a dim light at night somewhat indicates an unhealthy and lazy life. t have any idea that Chinese are actually slow in the regard.

t got on track yet, but unfortunately my other three Chinese group mates (housemates as well) and I almost spent the whole first month dwelling at our small house, which made me feel helplessly lonely and anxious about staying at home, because I didn? And the reason of the differences might be: first of all, Chinese people are naturally more introverted. Often Chinese think westerners are too blunt and fast in conversations and that makes them nervous.

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t know anyone here and none of my housemates or any of my Chinese friends would go to bars or any party with me. Places such as bars and parties are mainly for getting tipsy or drunk, relaxing, chatting and knowing new people, which is completely different from the Chinese way and would make them feel nervous and uneasy. As a result, they would stay silent and enjoy listening to the words shooting among the westerners.

The desire to push the boundaries has been a motivator in many a daring expedition, testing the human spirit and physical abilities to the utmost.