Intimidating words that start with m

30-Sep-2019 08:36

intimidating words that start with m-83

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This is particularly true if the person has come to trust and respect your opinions.

"Dumb" is a cop-out, and is just one of those words you should never use.

When you're tempted to tell someone you're "mad," ask yourself if that's really what you're feeling..if there's a more specific word you could use to describe the emotion you're experiencing.

If you're calling someone ugly, it's likely because you have your own issues with self-image.

I guess if you're able to verbalize your feelings of anger as "mad," you're on the right track.

However, psychologists sometimes talk about how anger is actually a secondary emotion, used to protect us from feelings that can make us more vulnerable (e.g., sadness, rejection, fear, etc.).

It's a whole other story to tell them they're incapable of doing their job.

This word carries a depth of meaning that most of us would never actually hope to convey.

In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Japanese scientist Masaru Emote detailed some experiments he conducted into the impact of words on both the world and on our health.As in, "You're getting in the way of what I'm trying to do." This is a great phrase to use if you want someone to feel totally useless and insignificant.If that's not what you're trying to convey, consider using a different word.It conjures up images of discrimination and racism, and should be saved for only the most extreme and justified situations.

In the excellent documentary, "Erasing Hate," we hear the story of an ex-skinhead who is desperate to remove the racist tattoos from his face, hands and body.

For one of his most notable experiments, he placed two identical jars of rice side by side, labelling one "Thank you" and the other "You fool." He then brought the jars to a local school, and asked students to repeat those phrases to the jars twice each day. The rice that had been praised daily remained white and fluffy, while the other disintegrated into a black, goopy mess.

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