Intp dating humor

05-Feb-2020 12:58

Nor do INTPs themselves seem satisfied; another study found that INTPs have the fourth lowest satisfaction with their marriage/intimate relationship. (This isn't as bad as it sounds though; Intuitives were generally less satisfied than Sensors, and INTPs were quite close to the midrange values for Intuitive satisfaction.

However, INTPs were the least satisfied of the Rationals.

Indeed, NF-NT and NT-NF satisfaction rates fell within 1 percentage point of each other--a very equal evaluation indeed.

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Tieger and Barron-Tieger suggested that NTs may rate their partners lower than average since they tend to be the most critical temperament and set particularly high standards.Being "different" won't prevent you from getting married.Unfortunately, it may result in you getting married As you might guess from that particular fact, INTPs can have problems after the honeymoon. found that partners of INTP males had the lowest marital satisfaction of all types.I suspect that there may also be a certain element of fear operating here, i.e. ” This fits in with the Keirsey's description of the NTP as despairing of finding someone who fits their unique personality.

Actually, INTPs don't have any problems getting married.

But in fact, Rational-Idealist pairings have an even higher satisfaction rate, namely 65%.

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