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Gets or sets a value indicating whether the formatting string specified by the Data Format String property is applied to field values when the data-bound control that contains the Bound Field object is in edit mode.The following code example demonstrates how to use the Apply Format In Edit Mode property to apply the formatting string to field values while a Grid View control is in edit mode.Before diving into details of Info Path forms deployment here's a little bit of background on workflow and Info Path forms integration.

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Item Updating Dim db As New my Data Context Dim result = From item In Items _ Where item. Value _ Select New With 'Trying to read new name entered 'Return "" with this method dv. Item(1) 'Null Reference Exception with this method CType(dv.

, a Command Field row field with an Edit button is automatically displayed in the Details View control.

Clicking the Edit button puts that Details View control in edit mode.

There is some great documentation on MSDN regarding this.

In general, if you need code (custom event handlers/validation) behind your Info Path forms you should use the VSTO Info Path template and create a project alongside your workflow project.

To develop Info Path forms you can either use the VSTO template for Info Path that also ships with Visual Studio 2008 or Info Path (with VSTA) itself.

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