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He later traveled to Reefside and, in an effort to stop some of his mutations, became the mentor of a new set of Power Rangers.

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Thomas "Tommy" Oliver is a Power Ranger veteran and considered a legend among the Ranger community.Little is known about Tommy's early life, other than the fact that he was adopted by the Oliver family at a young age.His brother, David, was adopted by Sam Trueheart, although the two would not meet until their teens.After Tommy's adversary, Mesogog, was defeated, he retired from Ranger duty and is currently a normal high school teacher at Reefside.

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However trouble arose as Prince Vekar drove his enemy fleet onto the grounds of Earth, which forced Tommy's hand to unite the remaining Rangers to defeat The Armada. Played Power Rangers’ original Green Ranger/White Ranger, Tommy Oliver on the television show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason was born in 1970s, in the middle of Generation X generation.