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The casting choice came amid uproar from the series' fanbase as she was brought in to replace exiting actresses A. and two Saturn Award nominations for Best Actress on Television.

Nichols starred opposite Tyler Perry in the thriller Alex Cross (2012), as the blighted colleague of a psychologist and police lieutenant. That was what drew me to it and that's what had always been promised".

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Nichols to play the movie's designated blond baddie, a cold, arrogant vixen who tries to undermine [Ferrera's character's] triumphs in romance and onstage." Nichols was cast in Star Trek (2009) in November 2007, but due to the project's secrecy her role was initially unknown even to her; she said that month she did not even know her character's name. And I liked the fact that it wasn't just a big action movie ... I was genuinely really happily surprised when I read the script." Richard Corliss of Time wrote that Nichols had "an appealing manner and comely biceps" as Scarlett O'Hara and took notice of her "savory girl fight with Sienna Miller, as the mostly villainous Baroness." After G. Joe, Nichols' next project was the horror film For Sale by Owner, where she played the half of a newly wed couple buying a house with a secret past. Nichols starred as a police detective assigned to investigate the murder of a young boy in the small-scale crime drama Meskada (2010), which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and received a limited theatrical release in North America.

The series premiered in June 2005 and critical reception was mixed; it had been scheduled opposite the popular Dancing with the Stars on ABC, and due to low ratings six of the 13 produced episodes were aired.

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