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At the same time the emperor Otto the Great was seeking the hand of Anna for his son, and he was refused.However, in Vladimir’s case Constantinople was obliged to consent.An agreement was concluded, according to which Vladimir had to send the emperors six thousand Varangians, and to accept holy Baptism.Under these conditions he would receive the hand of the imperial daughter Anna.Vexed at the Greek duplicity, Prince Vladimir “hastened to collect his forces” and he moved “against Korsun, the Greek city,” the ancient Chersonessos.

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Thus she fell in love with the austere warrior Svyatoslav, who against the will of his mother Olga made her his wife.Having subdued an uprising of the Drevlyani and conquered their cities, Princess Olga gave orders to execute Prince Mal for his attempt to marry her after he murdered her husband Igor, and she took to herself Mal’s children, Dobrynya and Malusha.Dobrynya grew up to be a valiant brave warrior, endowed with a mind for state affairs, and he was later on an excellent help to his nephew Vladimir in matters of military and state administration.The Holy Great Prince Vladimir, Equal of the Apostles.

Few names in the annals of history can compare in significance with the name of Saint Vladimir, the Baptizer of Rus, who stands at the beginning of the spiritual destiny of the Russian Church and the Russian Orthodox people.

At Kiev Yaropolk was prince; at Ovrucha, the center of the Drevlyani lands, was Oleg; at Novgorod was Vladimir.