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07-Sep-2020 12:43

The world Olbermann describes on “The Resistance” is different from and even more dystopian than anything I can recognize, and his efforts to chase down Trumpian conspiracies can strain credibility.

It was hard not to wonder what he was trying to accomplish, and what he truly believed.

On “The Resistance,” Olbermann insists that Trump is genuinely mentally ill; in person, he says that his psychologist friends, despite never having treated the president, have remotely “diagnosed” Trump with any number of mental illnesses, up to and including psychopathy.

The argument feels wishful and familiar, bringing to mind challenges to Obama’s birth or religion from fearful, frustrated or opportunistic voices on the right.

C., at which point he retired to a modest farm and planned to work happily for the rest of his days. Then, one day, he was interrupted by visiting Roman senators, who told him he’d been named dictator — and that a Roman army was being besieged by plebeians on nearby Mount Algidus.

Cincinnatus raised an army and marched it to Mount Algidus, defeating the plebeians in a day.

His gray hair is giving way to white, his midsection threatens the buttons of his sport coats and he walks gingerly, with a gnarly limp from an aging knee.

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It goes like this: Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a Roman consul and military leader until 460 B.Another thing Olbermann might find difficult to reconcile is the reversal in the two men’s fortunes.