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Take the issue of dowry, for instance: dowry has been a crime in India since 1961 but remains widespread, practiced by everyone from Google engineers in Silicon Valley to farm laborers in the mountains of Kerala.

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According to local Hindu mythology, the deity to whom Sabarimala is dedicated – Lord Ayyappa – was celibate and so allowing access to women of ‘menstrual age’ would be disrespectful.

I run an organisation that helps first generation Non Resident Indian (NRI) women who are victims of domestic abuse and abandonment by their Indian husbands.

The most harrowing stories are of those women who are married off by their families to successful expat Indians in the UK and elsewhere in the West – IT workers, bankers, engineers, management consultants.

‘Paralysed’, ‘A War Zone’, ‘Mobs Go On The Rampage’.

These are just some of the alarming headlines that have accompanied mentions this week of the southern Indian state of Kerala – home to not only idyllic beaches and bucolic backwaters but also some of the most literate and educated communities in all of India.

Elsewhere, in hospitals in more metropolitan areas such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, the procedure can be done for over 28,000 rupees.