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It was Vance who came up with the idea of linking the distant Indian past with the scouts of today, it was I who wrote the words to bring that concept into reality. Very Truly Yours, Kevin Grewell Dear Scout Songs, I'm writing on behalf of my partner, Bob Zentz.Several years ago, Bob was notified by a fellow musician than his tune, "Beaucatcher Farewell," had been used as the setting for a Boy Scout text, "In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend." The attached pdf file has the correspondence, including a copy of the letter by the lyricist that is posted on your site along with the lyrics.It all began with the Dreams of Old, the Indian Brave and the Pioneer Bold, by camp fire light old tales retold in the Loop of the Octoraro Bend.Those early Scouts with their campaign hats, their pressed wool shirts, their boots and spats, rekindled the Dream that had gone before in the Loop of the Octoraro Bend.The tune was the title track of Bob's 1979 Folk-Legacy album, Beaucatcher Farewell.The album has recently be re-released on CD, and sheet music for the tune is posted in Bob's online songbook at

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