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WARNING: If you suck so much at games, then don't play this, only to complain to me that you can't get past virtually the first minute of the game.Also, minor spoilers, even though it's a metroid game, so the plot should be known by now.It does not need political bullshit or pandering to e-drama specialists like Gamer Gate to sell to the mouth-breathers of that group, nothing political...unless Donald Trump is the final boss instead of the Queen Metroid.All this game has to offer is the game itself, not anything else.There’s a little something for everyone in next week’s games, whether you’re into racing games, dungeon crawlers, or multiplayer action games.Read on for everything you need to know about the games launching the week of August 15, 2016.

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It's awesome that in the Hydrostation, you could go into Morph ball, go into those machines, and have the water shoot you upwards. There is also this freedom to go and do whatever you like.NEW only getting SLIGHTLY better each year (Source: Angry Joe (And he means Slightly in the damn review)). , the average Gender Studies Major, and rejected Black Butler character, while playing a shitty version of Candy Crush (As if Candy Crush isn't shitty enough) while listening to bad voice acting at the same time (Just take a listen).I would rather go outside and play Football, and I don't even like Football! From left to Right: Durka Durka Jihad, Discount Jenny Mc Carthy, About To Commit Suicide, Who is this bitch, Helium, Legbeard, SSHHHHEEEEIIIITTT!!!!Controllers are not a nice to have in this game, YOU NEED ONE, OR THIS GAME WILL MAKE YOU IT'S BITCH IF YOU USE KEYS ON YOUR KEYBOARD!!! There's lava flooding the areas you can't go in yet.

May be linear, but every time you go into a new area, you can start wherever you like.

Well, here's one example of what makes this version better than the original; it has color...said!! You could do one-button morphing, and auto-climbing, aimlock to walk backwards, and just walking.