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She's recorded a duet of "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" with jazz singer Will Heard and worked with Pharrell Williams on the song "CC the World," which was used for Chanel's short film was released in 2005, and it tanked, selling just 3,500 copies. "A lot of actors who release albums here are laughed at," she said. As Vulture pointed out, she took to My Space in 2008 to promise fans a new EP, but the music never materialized. Speakers in the gallery rock low strains of a romantic playlist including “True” by the 1980s new wave band Spandau Ballet, and fragrant perfume drifts through the air. as the awkward truth of the situation dawns on the women.A few men walk past the picture window on Main Street, but none turns and enters.She is 19, she says now, but beyond that she prefers the focus to be on the music and not herself, understandable given this social media driven era of oversharing. “She wanted to touch people without dealing with anything else. “It hasn’t even been a year and everything is happening so fast.“I’m not going to confirm my identity,” she says, laughing. say it’s about giving her the freedom to create without having to deal with the pressures that come with navigating the music industry, and not a gimmick.“Coming out in this kind of way has made her freer so that she can just concentrate on making music, and having people judge the music for what it is,” said Jeff Robinson, H. “In today’s society too many people are caught up on the superficial,” Robinson continued.

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He was the drummer of Phantom Planet until 2003 and launched a solo project called Coconut Records in 2006.Among other things, he wrote the theme music to , for which he won best actor Oscar, but he released his first album, "Be Here Soon," almost a decade earlier, in 2000.His second, a self-titled record, came in 2011, after he signed with Blue Note 2011.In 2015, she formed a band called The Singles with Este Haim, Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, and Julia Haltigan, and they released the song "Candy." "The idea was to write super-pop dance music written and performed by girls," Scarlett said. (They met in 2005 when Ryan was dating Rachel Mc Adams and Zach was dating her sister Kayleen.) After discovering a mutual love of all things creepy, Ryan and Zach set out to launch a spooky musical theater production, which instead became a D. The guys played all the instruments on the album, including ones they weren't trained to play.

In 1982, Ricky Gervais and a friend formed the British New Wave group Seona Dancing.

star teamed up with her sister, Clara, to form the folky duo The Cabin Sisters. I wanted it to be like those bands: ultra pop but also a little ironic, a little in on the joke."as part of a band with the same name?