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03-Nov-2019 10:56

The first command you'll want to run is powercfg -a, which dumps out a list of sleep states available to the system.

If some of the sleep states are not available, powercfg will attempt to report why they can't be used.

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And sometimes there's not one culprit but a whole collection of elements interfering with sleep.

Since Windows tends to be finicky about being the primary OS installed on a computer, it will not hibernate if it detects that the partition marked for startup on the first hard disk is not itself a bootable Windows drive.

Side note: Hibernation is not always available as an option in the Windows 7 shutdown menu.

The most common reason a system can't hibernate is because the hibernation file -- the file on disk where the contents of memory are written when the system hibernates -- has been deleted or hibernation has been explicitly disabled. This command should also provide feedback if hibernation can't be re-enabled.

Windows can also fail to hibernate if the system was set up to dual or multiboot with another operating system.

This is partly because by default Windows 7 sets up "hybrid sleep" in which the system is suspended but a hibernation file is also written out to disk as a backup in case of a power failure.