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[email protected]: What is the answer to that question? The motivations were different for mother and for daughter. She is interested in how one can type one’s children very early in life and figure out what they should specialize in.She thought that this was really valuable for parents because you wouldn’t push your children to do things that they didn’t innately prefer to [email protected]: How quickly was it accepted by businesses and other organizations when it finally came out? In the 1940s, Isabel Briggs Myers is working in Philadelphia with one of the first personnel management consultants in the U. [The consultant] starts selling the indicators to his biggest clients, which are GE, Standard Oil, the New York Life Insurance Company.These companies are all using it to have their CEOs assess themselves, to interview job candidates, to figure out whether or not you should charge certain people with certain type profiles higher premiums for their life insurance. It’s these individual clients or individual corporations.She thinks, “What if I devised an indicator in which all types were created equal and each type had their place in the world?

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She reads that in the 1920s and starts writing about type then, but the actual questionnaire isn’t designed until the early 1940s.

Emre: When I first started researching it, I hadn’t realized that Myers and Briggs were the names of two women.