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Mama Joe's grandson Ahmad cooks up a scheme to bring the family together, back to the table. The acting really carried what was a mediocre script.

I Care 'Bout You Written by Kenneth ' Babyface' Edmonds Produced by Kenneth ' Babyface' Edmonds (as Babyface) for ECAF Productions, Inc. The movie did peak my interest in how this family addressed issues openly among themselves. Rather, they used "Sunday dinner" as an opportunity to address tough family issues such an infidelity, gambling addition and encarceration.

When diabetes hospitalizes her, the dinners stop and tensions among her three daughters start to break the family apart.

Two of the sisters feud continuously: Teri is jealous of Maxine's marriage and irritated that everyone assumes her corporate salary is open to the rest of the family's uses.

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Avery had never dated a Muslim man, but she thought Omar had "a beautiful heart." However, Omar's profile said he lived in America, and Avery soon found out he's actually from Syria.Avery admitted to her pals that Omar didn't appreciate the fact she had sex before but he mainly judged her on her life post-Islam.

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